About Us

Our Mission

To build it into a formidable high quality education provider by offering knowledge defining competency assessment teaching and training to students.

Our Vision

We Work To Offer Our Students The Finest Quality Coaching That Strengthens Their Mental Ability Thereby Helping Them Achieve Their Goals With Ease. With A Team Of Highly Experienced Teachers. Capable Of Delivering The Best Needed Assistance To Students On All Subjects.


We at Syacpt Academy with your kind co-operation and good wishes would declare this a new era in the field of education and we will deliver nothing less than the best . A lot has changed at Syacpt Academy during the transition from a humble Science Academy to a Premium Institute in last 16 Years. What still remains unchanged is the set of values and our vision ! What 90% of the classes do with your child is, simply dumping bookish knowledge in their brain. At Syacpt Academy we focus on teaching core concepts and application oriented knowledge to face the competitive world. Syacpt Academy provides blend of conventional coaching along with JEE, NEET foundation courses, scholarship exams and competitive exams for talented school students who deserves more than just a traditional coaching.