I am very fortunate to have studied chemistry under Santosh Sir & Biju Sir. They taught us not only the basics but also the very details and mechanism of various reaction.They made learning periodic able and Redox series so easy by explaining the concept. Effective use of technology saved our lots of travelling time. 

- Saurabh S Bhole - 2018

 Throughout 11th and 12th , chemistry has been my favorite subject. I always looked forward to chemistry lectures , doubt solving sessions and tests.All teachers made process of learning very optimistic. Professors were easily approachable and gave individual attention to each student.Our pref. helped us to interact with students of different branches where everyone solved their own doubts. Studying chemistry here is true example of gradual growth.  

- Jui N

 I am quite fortunate to study under Prof. Santosh & team. They provide well planned approach.The ability to get doubts solved via whatsapp and quip boosted confidence and dint doubts remain unsolved for long time. I owe my chemistry success to Prof Santosh Yadav and team. It wouldn't have been possible without them. 

- Bhavya - 2018

 I am grateful to Santosh Sir and his team for their guidance in chemistry as well as morally. We went through exhaustive MCQ practice and series of tests. There were ample doubt solving sessions and professors were extremely approachable . I had an amazing expression with them and would recommend to any NEET aspirant. 

- Saumya Shah -2018

 Studying chemistry with Santosh sir was a very pleasant experience. The organised teaching patterns and innovative ways to learn a particular topic really helped my a lot. Rigorous doubt solving sessions ensured that there were no topics left out or poorly understood. Ample tests and practice questions left no stone untouched. i owe my performance to my professors. 

- Rhea Trivedi -2018

 Studying with Ace Chemistry made learning massive chapters simple and interesting , as the teachers always sought to make the students understand the topic rather than mugging the formula's and equation's. Their revision classes and test's were truly amazing & extremely helpful. Teachers are always there to solve your doubts. I owe my success in NEET chemistry to the talent and professionalism of these outstanding teachers.  

- Aadrika Kashyap -2018

 Learning chemistry with Santosh Sir & his excellent team was an experience in itself . They simplified chemistry and laid stress on understanding of topics from very basics. Comprehensive notes , practice papers & regular tests with doubt solving helped me a lot. 

- Nikita Balani - 2018

 Santosh sir’s Chemistry Classes is the only thing because of which I am in a govt. Medical College today. No one can teach Chemistry in the way he does. Everything becomes so easy when he explains. After all it’s just because of him my score in chemistry turned from 34in NEET 2013 to 131 in MH-CET 2014 

- Harshal Shah

 Mr. Santosh Yadav is the best teacher in Chemistry I Had. He was not just a teacher but also a mentor who guided me through one of the major steps of my education which is HSC and Medical CET. He is always ready to solve any doubts and difficulties irrespective of his busy schedule. I certainly believe that he made chemistry easy and interesting for me. I sincerely thank him for his guidance.  

- Ankit Upadhayay

 At SYACPT, Prof Santosh Yadav and his entire team made learning chemistry a fun process. Concepts were taught honchalantty and doubts were cleared regularly. Several assignments and test papers helped evaluate understanding of all subtopics, thus leading to cent percent preparation and a confident approach. 

- Parth Palan -2015

 The worth of a true teacher, can never be erased and so as yours. Being your student is a dream come true for me. The way you teach our batch were out of this world. You made every student friendly and the way more comfortable to grab knowledge 

- Rifhat Quereshi

 Studying at ACE Chemistry was a wonderful learning experience. Whatever Santosh Sir taught was always more logic based than fact based. We were write so many tests which actually helped us in being through with the passion. Staff is also very helpful. Really grateful to Santosh sir and his staff in helping me achieving success in my endeavor. 

- Bhavika Gajra – 2015

 Santosh Sir- A very carrying and student-friendly teacher who always looked into our doubts. Nobody could have taught us chemistry better than him. A true pioneer in the field of education!!!! 

- Jeet Dedhia - 2015

 Santosh Sir is an awesome guide and understanding teacher who makes the student learn the subject quickly. He helps the student in every problem. He not only make the subject interesting but easy too. 

- Priyanka Gupta - 2015